Brow Lifting

It is the surgeon who is used to remove the parallel wrinkles. At the same time, lifting is done in the eyebrows. Along with eyebrow lift, the part of the upper eyelid also improves.

Who is interested in browsing?

- If it is physically healthy,

- If you do not smoke,

- If there is a fall in the eyelids attached to the hangover,

- If you're blocking the sight,

- If there is a tired expression image,

How is the post-operative recovery period?

-Recovery time lasts 10-14 days. You can return to work after a week.

-You may have edema (swelling) for a few weeks.

-After surgery forehead and the improvement is immediately visible.

How is surgery done?

- It is done under general anesthesia

- Different techniques are applied.

- It varies according to patient and surgeon.

- Endoscopic or coronal incision is made.

Endoscopic technique: The hair is cut in 1 cm from the 4-5 points on the bottom of the hair and surgery is performed with the help of endoscopes.

Coronal incision: It starts from inside of the ear through the scalp and cuts in a circle on the other ear, the skin is raised and stretched. The scar is cut in the scalp, so no trace can be seen.

What are the risks?

- Risks associated with anesthesia

- Bleeding,

- Hair loss at the cusp of the place,

- The rise of the hairline,

- Asymmetry in the face,

- Damage to the face nerve,

- Infection,

- Sensation loss.

- Color chance on skin

- Unwanted wound healing, (scar keloid)

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