What is otoplasty?
Deformity in the ear and correction of asymmetry.

What can be corrected?
-Big ear,
-Evident ear,
-Asymmetric ear,
-Deformation due to previous ear surgery.

How old can it be done?
It can be performed in children at school age from 6 years of age.

What happens after surgery?
There is temporary pain and swelling after the procedure. You need to wear a hair band when you sleep at night for a month.

How is it done?
It is performed under local or general anesthesia.

How is the surgical technique?
In the classic method, an incision is made behind the ear and the skin is removed. Once the cartilage is shaped with permanent stitches, the skin is closed.

Correction without incision: No incisions on the back of the ear, no skin. shaped stitches are placed under the skin.

What are the complications?
-Loss of sensation in the skin,
-Included scar tissue,

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