Primary Rhinoplasty

Is the primary primer suitable for me?
- Patients who have not undergone previous nose surgery are ideal patients for primary rhinoplasty
- Large nose, short nose, wide nose, broken nose can be corrected with primary rhinoplasty
- If arched or nasal ridge collapses, it is corrected with primary rhinoplasty
- In addition, patients with nasal obstruction who have had a previous trauma to the nose, or who did not have a history of trauma, both correct their breathing problems,
- On the other side, a second secondary rhinoplasty is performed in which the aesthetic surgery has been performed in the nose before but has problems both in shape and in breathing. You can find detailed information on the topic of secondary rhinoplasty

There are solutions to both nasal obstruction and aesthetic problems with advanced rhinoplasty techniques.

After rhinoplasty, the best, most beautiful nose is the one that breathes and best suits your face.

The shape of the face of the patient also determines the size of the nose to be made.

How is a nasal aesthetic surgery done?

What is closed surgery or open surgery?
- If done with a very small incision made from the tip of the nose, it is evaluated as open surgery
When is it closed or open surgery?
- If there is a problem in the bone and middle cartilaginous part of the nose only, closed technical rhinoplasty is applied if correction is not made at the tip of the nose
- However, if the nose tip is to be changed or revision rhinoplasty operations are often open technique is preferred
What are the advantages of your open technique?
- The entire anatomical structure is dominated by open technique
- Problems in cartilage and bone structures are obvious
- The results of the corrections made are immediately visible to the naked eye, then no surprises are encountered
- The anatomical structure is more respectful
Does your open technique have a disadvantage?
- The operation time does not change, sometimes even if we can not get the shape we want in the closed technique,
- The healing process is the same
- Scar is very rare
What are the advantages of having a shorter operating time?
- As the edema progresses as the time progresses during the procedure, the shorter the surgery is done, the faster the nose shape is taken and the better the new shape we formed during the surgery

In fact, the best technique is the technique that the surgeon feels best and gets the best results

What is the duration of the surgery and the healing process?

- Surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia
- around 1-1.5 hours (surgical time varies from surgery to surgery)
- One day at a hospital
- No buffer is used
- At the end of the surgery, just place an aluminum gypsum on the nose and take it for 5 days and 7 days

Frequently asked questions after surgery and what are the answers?
- Starting work life after one week
- Can be boarded in 5 days
- Can be entered into the sea 10 days later
- After 2 weeks can start to do sports
- Glasses can be used after 1 month
- It usually lasts 7-10 days when there is no bruise or swelling in the custody
- It takes 3-6 months to change the shape of the nose depending on the skin thickness

Will my nose drops after surgery?

- If the structures providing nasal support are protected, nasal drops are not a concern if they are not damaged

- Another way to prevent nose drops is the Tongue and Groove method where cartilage support is used. It is impossible to fall nose with this method

Do you use buffers in your surgeries?

- I do not use classic known buffers anymore

- I just use silicones to take the night blood flow to the day of surgery and it is taken painlessly the next morning when we are discharged

When can I start the sport?

- If you are not doing a very heavy exercise sport, if you are dealing with sports that will not hit your nose (like plates) after about 15 days you can go to normal
- However, if you are doing sports (body building, body pump, weightlifting) that increases the pressure inside the head, you need to take a break for at least 1 month.

Can other aesthetic surgery be performed with rhinoplasty?

With rhinoplasty, the same percentage can be done with any aesthetic surgery (eyelid surgery, face oil injection, jaw implants, etc.) as well as aesthetic procedures such as breast prosthesis, breast aesthetics, abdominal stretching and liposuction etc ..

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