Revision Rhinoplasty

What is secondary (revision) rhinoplasty?

- An operation to correct the problems that have remained after the previous rhinoplasty operation.
- is an aesthetic surgeon I have worked with and experienced as a primary rhinoplasty
- We can reach the perfect result with our own techniques

What are the difficulties in secondary rhinoplasty?

- Surgical plan related to previous surgery is disordered
- Scar tissue developed
- Normal anatomical structure is distorted
- Cartilage and bone structures deform
- Cartilage and bone structures are missing

Therefore, we need cartilage for the secondary rhinoplasty. We should use ear or rib cartilage for this.

How do we get over the difficulties?

- First, experience is required and I use advanced secondary rhinoplasty techniques
- We need cartilage or ribs
- The primary goal is to breathe and then correct the shape
- Corrupted nasal obstruction is restored by reconstructing the damaged infrastructure
- The new shape of the nose is given by shaping cartilages
- Correct deformations in the skin

We also have a natural looking nose that suits our breathing face.

Recovery may be longer or longer than primary rhinoplasty

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